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- Privé Academy Certified Fibroblast Skin Specialist

- COPE Certified Optavia Health Coach

- Licensed One on One HeartMath Provider

- Certified Reconnection Healing Practitioner

Hi, I'm Mary Stec! As a Certified Optavia Health Coach, I helped hundreds of people lose weight, get off medications, reverse weight related health issues and change their habits to develop a life of optimal health.

And as successful as it was, many of my clients saw new wrinkles appear as they shed the weight. That, I couldn’t help them with. Until now. Seeing the need, I sought out the best application available to rejuvenate the skin.

Fibroblast Skin Tightening, a new procedure developed In 2017 by the founder of Privé Academy whose graduates have enjoyed 5-star ratings in Europe was my answer. And with the recent FDA approval, this procedure has come to the United States.

I’m proud to be among the first specialists in this country that hold an International Certification from Privé Academy.

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