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Cold Plasma

The Cool Revolution in
Skin Tightening!


Cold Plasma Speeds Up Rejuvenation

Do you have a special event coming up or just looking for that fresh glow? Cold Plasmais one of the newest skin rejuvenation treatments. Cold Plasma uses electricity in conjunction with argon and ozone gas which flow from the device as it's passed across your skin, causing an immediate contraction and resurfacing even of your most delicate facial skin. Cold Plasma visibly tightens and brightens the skin. In the hours following treatment, the skin continues to contract. It is truly a game changing new technology as one can achieve resurfacing, lifting and tightening with no surgery, no cauterization and no down time.

What is Cold Plasma?

Plasma is the most advanced, revolutionary plasma technology available that can be used to brighten and tighten skin, shrink pores, reduce hyperpigmentation and promote high levels of collagen regeneration.  It works by contracting and tightening the fibers inside of your skin and stimulating collagen and fibroblast activity, skin remodeling from the inside out.

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It's Comfortable and Pain Free.

Plasma is completely pain free, very quick, has zero downtime, no significant side effects (skin maybe look pink and feel tight), and highly effective with long-lasting results. The pen delivers a continuous flow of plasma which allows the device to move over the skin in a ‘scanning’ motion.  Unlike traditional laser, cold plasma treatments are very tolerable, though it varies person to person. 

How Long Does It Take?

One treatment of the face takes about 15 minutes and you will see immediate improvement with a single session.  However, like all collagen stimulating treatments, the collagen takes time to regenerate and final results are seen around 8-12 weeks.

How Long Does It Last?

With a healthy lifestyle and a skincare routine that's right for you, results of a single Cold Plasma treatment will last 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately nothing, not even surgery, will permanently stop the natural aging process of breaking down collagen. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors can contribute to the collagen breakdown causing rapid aging of the skin such as UV exposure, lack of moisture, poor diet, weight loss/gain, stress, drinking alcohol, drugs, etc.

What Are the Side Effects?

Immediately after treatment, you may experience redness and could feel like you have a sunburn. This usually lasts about 3 hours. For sensitive skin, it can last up to 24 hours. Unlike thermal plasma, cold plasma does not leave any visible dots (carbon crusts) on the skin. However, 24 hours after treatment, a gritty texture may be felt by your fingertips on the skin's surface. This texture may be present for 2-3 days and is completely invisible to the eye. You can apply makeup directly after treatment if you choose. It is very important to follow the after care instructions to alleviate side effects and get the best results.

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Are there Any Risks?

SPF 50+ should be worn daily to prevent the risk of hyperpigmentation (darker skin) or hypopigmentation (lighter skin).

Do I Need A Consultation?

Yes! It's easy to find out if Plasma Therapy will work for you. The consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.  There is no charge.


At this stage we will assess your suitability for treatment, discuss your skin concerns, needs and expectations, and if required a patch test will be carried out.

Pictures will be taken of all areas to be treated. These images will not be shared or used without your consent.  You will be given a detailed, step by step description of the treatment.

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