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Meet Your Certified Specialist

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Having spent 35 years in TV and film production I witnessed just about
every type of appearance procedure available including fills and
surgeries. Some were good and some, sadly were not. I always knew
there would someday be a better way. In March of 2020, I was
introduced to Fibroblast, a relatively new procedure that had recently
received its FDA approval in this country. Fibroblast was developed in
Slovenia in 2017 and its founder now heads up Privé Academy. I’m
proud be among the first Privé graduates in this country to hold both International and  Masters’ Certifications.


In 2021 I was introduced and certified in Microneedling, a craft dating back to the 1900’s. I fell equally in love with this wonderful technique. 

My inquisitive nature will keep me searching and learning about the newest innovations to bring to my clients.

But, most importantly, I love people and strive to make my clients comfortable and cared for.


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