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Mary Stec

 A Lifelong Journey of
Innovation and Care


With an illustrious 35-year career spanning TV and film production, Mary Stec has always been at the forefront of visual storytelling. Through these years, her rich background not only honed her meticulous eye for detail but also fueled her passion for seeking the best in everything she does!

In March of 2020, Mary's quest led her to the groundbreaking realm of Fibroblast. This cutting-edge procedure, originating from Slovenia in 2017 and championed by the esteemed Privé Academy, offered a fresh perspective on skin tightening and rejuvenation. Recognizing its transformative potential, Mary dived deep, becoming one of the inaugural Privé Academy graduates in the U.S. to achieve both International and Masters’ Certifications. Just a year later, in 2021, she further broadened her repertoire, mastering the time-honored technique of Microneedling, adding another layer of expertise to her already impressive skill set.

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Mary is a strong believer in the power of exosomes and their use in skin tightening therapy marks a thrilling frontier in advanced skincare. Exosomes, nature's tiny messengers, play a pivotal role in cellular communication, promoting rejuvenation from within. By harnessing their regenerative power, Mary elevates skin tightening to unprecedented levels, delivering results that resonate with both depth and clarity. 

Mary’s journey doesn't stop there. Embracing the spirit of continuous learning and evolution, Mary is thrilled to introduce the latest in skincare technology: Cold Plasma treatments. Partnering with Planopas from Germany, this revolutionary approach promises unparalleled results, further cementing Mary's commitment to offering her clients the very best. 

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With Mary's holistic approach, every client not only witnesses a visible change but also experiences a profound inner transformation with her expertise in scar revision. The reults can be nothing short of transformative. Beyond the physical restoration, addressing scars profoundly impacts one's self-esteem, allowing clients to shed past insecurities and embrace newfound confidence. 

Yet, beyond her professional accolades and innovative techniques, what truly sets Mary apart is her genuine love for people. With a heart full of care and a spirit sprinkled with humor, she ensures every client feels valued, understood, and cherished.


Step into a world where expertise meets empathy.

Experience the transformative touch of Mary Stec at Westlake Skin Tightening.

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